Sunday, February 8, 2015

Burlap Wreath

Crafting it Myself: College Student Edition (cost and time-efficient crafts that college students can pick up at their local Walmart) 

Burlap Wreath – Valentine’s Theme (overall cost: $20 - $25)

Materials (all prices given were taken from my local Walmart):
            Burlap: brown ($4)
                         red ($4)
            Wire wreath ($2.50)
            Flowers (I used red and white roses, red flowers, and little white flowers ($5-$15,                                                 depending on how many/what type of flowers you get)
                        *note: a craft store will likely have a much larger selection for your flowers
            A hot glue gun and glue (Walmart: $6-$7 for a gun and a pack of glue)

Optional materials:
            Wooden hearts: $2
            Paint: red, white, pink ($.5 – $1)

1.      Attach your burlap to the wreath.  I usually wrap one end of my burlap around a section of the wire, and glue the burlap together.
*note* Alternate between burlap colors as you work.  I like to use more of the tan burlap than the red since the tan is cheaper, and I think it looks just as nice that way.
I just add some hot glue to the end and fold the burlap over the wire to get started.

2.      Take the other end of your burlap and weave the burlap through the wires in the wreath.  I always work from outside to inside, and then turn the wreath and work from inside to outside and so on with the burlap.  You will notice that your wreath is sectioned.  I do one section at a time, and pause to adjust the burlap so that it looks how I want it in each section before moving to the next section.
Weave your burlap through your wire like this.  Work from outside to inside to outside to inside.
Here is the burlap filling one section of the wreath.  Make any adjustments you need before moving onto the next section.
3.      Continue working the burlap around the wreath.  When you reach the end of the wreath, make any last burlap adjustments before attaching the end of the burlap to the wreath.  Again, I use the hot glue.
*note* You may need to cut the burlap before gluing it if you didn’t use your whole role.

4.      Separate your flowers from their stems.  I like to get rid of as much stem as possible before putting my flowers on my wreath.  Grasp the flower with one hand, and the stem with the other hand and pull.  If this doesn’t work, use your scissors to cut the rubber around the wire and then pull the flower off.
*note* Unless you have wire cutters, you may not be able to cut through the wire.  Don’t try too hard to get through the wire, or you will break your scissors.  Gently cut around the rubber stem, not necessarily through the wire, just make sure the rubber is cut all the way around.
5.      Place your flowers on your wreath and arrange them in a way that you like.  *hint* try tucking the flowers among the burlap rather than just laying them on top.
6.      Use the hot glue gun to glue your flowers to your wreath.  Glue in as many places around the flower as possible.

7.      Optional: Paint, arrange, and glue your hearts.  Paint your hearts with colors that you think complement your wreath.  Let your paint dry.  Then, arrange and then glue them on your wreath similarly to how you arranged and glued the flowers.

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